An Epoch-making Period!!


70 years of national sovereignty, home-rule, liberty and a lead to democracy                                             Is the out-turn of the struggles and sacrifices of Bose, Bhagat, Gandhi, Tilak, Shastri.

Rebellion of 1857 (August kranti), the first step to weed out East INDIA Company,                                           The part of the rebellion was also Rani Laxmi. 

Arrival of Gandhi(1915) from South Africa gave the new vision to fight against British Colonial rule in INDIA. 

Swadeshi movement was known as the Soul of Swaraj                           And the economic strategy to end British Raj.

Quit INDIA movement pioneered during world war ll (1939-1945),Demanding the end of British rule.

Honour and salutes to the Martyars of Jallianwala bagh massacre(13th April, 1919),                                    Their patriotism is still alive inspite of 1650 rounds of firing that they suffer!!

After years of endeavour(pre-dating 1857 to 1947), BHARAT embraced Independence                                  And the glories were Civil disobedience and Passive resistance!

Vande Matram, Jai Hind, Bharat Choro, Karo ya Maro, Inquilab zindabad                                              Are the SLOGANS that invigorated them to get us PURNA SWARAJ!

Waving TIRANGA at The Lal Kila is the witness of our forefathers’ bravery,

Their devotedness is the wisdom that conquered the end of slavery!

Die but to LIVE!


Close your eyes but for a while,
For the blessed and fateful sunrise is waiting outside.

Running away from the life is not the panacea,
Run but to reach somewhere, run but to follow your dreams,
Run but to grab a light beam!

Think about the dreams that are residing inside
You didn’t fantasize to lay them aside!

Why die, when you can live?

Before letting that blade brush its lips on your vien, sit! Sit for a spell and muse on the things that are left,the unseen dreams, the unplanned trips, the unsipped tea, the unread pages and the unfelt love.

Before quitting, stay! Stay for the best
That is advancing towards to cuddle you to rest.

Before leaving, Live! Live for those inspirations and boosts
That are on stand by and about to knock on your door to be introduced.

Just think about you and only you.
Because there is nothing for else that is due. But it is about you.

Work on it,
But not ever quit!

With the motive of gulping your existence,
Vicious pessimism trussing you with its tentacles.
But you have to fight against odds
With your whole will and intense struggles!!

Holding your breath for forever is not a recourse.
Don’t worry,
You will die but why so hurry?


A walk in Serenity


When the sound of the breeze carring away the grains of sand feels tranquilizing
And The calmness of the ocean desert looks healing,

When getting lost in woods feels like a brief walk in alley
And the susurrating leaves let you slip all the melancholy,

When the falling twilight gives eyes the heavenly composure
And the season autumn drag you more closer,

When the sea waves nudge you to the depth
And rustling river reminds moments that never left,

When a single dew-drop resting on a petal makes you a pluviophile
And the unshoed feet in the rain is as fragile,

When a lonely shore seems captivating
and staring vacantly at the welkin is as embracing,

When beyond the horizon is the limit of the soul
And the lust to see infinity is a never ending goal

Then You have an irresistible impulse to TRAVEL being chaser,
And grasp the one and all essence of NATURE!!


Postscript- This verse belongs to them who are deeply into nature, who appreciate and feel the little things, who just not travel to see different places but to see different souls, to live different stories, who relish being outside instead of forever inside, who love themselves!!🙂



We bleed, they say it’s a blessing
So why treat it as a curse
This is so shitty depressing!!

Rape makes a woman impure
But a rapist with the tag MINOR
Is merely a Kid for sure!!

Share the same designation and the same working hours
But Pay to men always overpower!!

Even Mumma’s womb is not the safest place to reside
And they would never perceive
”Foeticide-the sucide of their own

To make her self-reliant should be a Dad’s worry
Not some so called Bloody damn Dowry!!

So much manipulation with the word Feminism
That follows a hell lot bunch of criticism!

We don’t seek superiority
We want only equality!!
But what we have is fucking inferiority!!

Along with caste,creed and religion
There should also not be a goddam gender discrimination!!

Break the stereotype
Raise Voice against prejudice!!





A novice!

758c2db4-ae3e-442a-b1b1-5d004fbf8b38Predominantly I am a reader who tends to have interest in all types of genre. You can say ‘an omnivorous reader’. The touch of writing in me is the sequel of the thoughtful readings and some expressions of life through my eyes. I am endeavouring to scribble down the wave of emotions that I hold. And want the readers to connect with my words.

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